Monday, June 13, 2016

Dollar Store Fairy dress with fabulous shoes

I went to the dollar store to get glass beads to make dragon eyes, when I found this Barbie doll outfit.

 The dress is pretty mediocre...actually it's pretty awful, I was just trying to be nice but the shoes were just too fabulous to pass up: light pearly pink high heels with straps going up to the knees and fairy wings (or butterfly wings whatever) in the back.

I know that packaged pic was kinda bad, so here's a pick of the stuff out of the package. Also badly photographed.

And as a treat, a pic of the shoes that is in focus!

The shoe fits Barbie dolls perfectly the dress however doesn't have a velcro or snap or any other type of closure in back so you just have to wiggle the doll into it and then it all hangs a bit sack-like and not so much like a magical fairy.

Since it fits so loosely on Original Body Barbie, I thought maybe it would fit Curvy Barbie, but no suck luck. Since  Curvy got back, and the dress doesn't open, it wont go though her hips.

I can totally relate to this

 Dollar store dresses are usually not that good but they sometimes serve as a good base for making something else so I'm going to hang on to it and play around with it. A dress so cheap that I don't mind messing up and some really fabulous shoes for my collection, I'd say that's a pretty good deal for a buck. Also, looking at the first in box pic, I just realized I have no idea what I did with that little purse.

Here's another photo of Barbie in her new shoes, this time in a dress that actually fits her even if it doesn't really match the shoes at all.

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