Monday, April 17, 2017

Ikea Furniture

Ikea has this great living room set scaled for 11 1/2 inch dolls. I actually got this a couple of years ago, but never got around to posting any pics. Here are some photos of when I first got the set and deboxed it. Hopefully I'll get around to taking some photos of them in the cabinet and with some dolls hanging out but since these are what I have now, these are what I'm posting.

The coolest thing about this set is that they are all replicas of items they actually sell at the store so you could potentially buy all these pieces for your living room and then have a tiny copy of it in a cabinet, Ikea inseption! Of course, you will also need to customize a doll to look like yourself.
I already have the coffee table, but mine is red, and I have been considering getting that chair for this thing I want to do to my front porch.

The box itself is very nice. It's covered in drawing of living room accessories that can be punched out and colored (or left as is, they look pretty cool black and white) and used to decorate the background of your living room.

The drawings, like the furniture are of actual items they sell at Ikea, or at least sold at some time, I haven't seen that clock in awhile at the store.

I'm still making up my mind if I want to paint those or not. I will probably end up making copies on cardstock so I can have both.

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the other side of the box. The bottom is just writing and upc code.

I love how easy to open these boxes are and the stuff is just placed inside in little compartments. no ties to wrestle with or excess of material to throw out.

Here's everything that came in the box. The rug was a surprise. I could kinda see it before I opened it but I thought it was just a piece or cardboard, not actual fabric.

So you get a sofa with a removable slipcover, a shelf, a coffee table a side chair, a rug and a cushion for about $15 which is not bad considering the plastic is really nice and thick. The rug and the cushion are kinda flimsy, but it's still not too bad.  This set is going in my display cabinet, but it would hold up to play just fine.

Here's the shelf unit thingie. You could use it horizontaly of vertically.
It's a really cool piece because you can fill the cubies with all sorts of tiny thing you might want to display.

The first thing I did with that cushion was to cut off that ridiculously large tag.

Here are all the pieces out of the box and in one of my shelves.

They also have a kid's bedroom playset that I got last year for xmas that I will be adding pictures of soon.
I really hope they keep adding one of these every year, It will be fun to have a whole house worth of stuff to display with my dolls. I would like them to do a kitchen next, that would be nice.