Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mi World Accessory set - Daity Queen

I have been seeing these miworld at the stores and I've always thought they are just adorable. I love little tiny things, specially when they look like actual real tiny things. It is now, however, something I would collect. It would take too much space to get these playsets and they are not really in scale with any of my dolls, even though a lot of the accessories are. 

This is where these accessory sets come in real handy. They are inexpensive samples of miworld, they have a lot of different ones to choose from and they are on clearance at Target so they are REALLY inexpensive right now. Hmm....I was so exited to get these when I saw them that I didn't even think of looking if the whole  series is being discontinued or if it was just a few that were put on clearance.

 Well, the site is up and says 2016, so at least we know they are still making the toy. I'll do more research later.  Back to the review.

They were actually $1.49 when I went to pay for them so yay! I got 2 of them but we'll just be talking about the Dairy Queen accessory set today because that's the only one I took pictures of so far.
I don't know if you can tell, but I was too curious to see what it would look like to wait to take a pic before I opened it.

 Inside the bag, there was another little clear bag holding all the goodies and a sticker sheet taped to it.

BTW, I really intended to rotate this pic on it's site, but I can figure out how to do it on the blog and I'm too lazy to rotate it and upload it again plus I know myself and if I leave the site I will get entertained arranging all the other photos I have been meaning to catalog and god knows when I'll come back to this so I'm going to just keep on typing and you can deal with this sideways picture.

So this is a refill set for their Dairy Queen playset and it comes with four drinks (Orange Julius Smoothie, DQ milkshake, a Blizzard and something called Artic Rush) and two sundays.

I'm going to go ahead and admit right now I have never been to a Dairy Queen so I don't know what any of these things taste like but I bet they look just like the real thing.

here's a closeup of the little bag

 The stickers seem like a brilliant way to make it look like a fun little addition but really just cut down on the assembly line. So I have stickers left over or was I supposed to put them on both sides of the cups? I saved them so I guess I can just go back and add them.

 Here's a view of the front and back of the package. It advertises another set with two drinks, a hot dog and an ice cream. I remember seeing another set that was two hot dogs and two drink and something else but I didn't notice if that one was DQ also or something else.

All the food seems to be the right size for fashions dolls, so I will be getting more of these,

Here are a couple of before and after photos before and after the stickers were placed.

And here we have the ice girl from the Make a Monster set enjoying a frosty beverage.  It kinda matches her, which now I think it might be a little weird. Like I hope she is not what Artic Rushes are made of.

Next up, the Build a Bear accessory set, as soon as I take some pics.