Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Barbie Trading Cards from the 90's

I remember I got these cards at a dollar store sometime in the early 90"s. I guess that makes them officially vintage since it's been over twenty years, but when I say vintage Barbie I just think of the original ones from the 60's.

I don't have much I can tell you about these because I am lazy and didn't do any research. But from what I can remember, each pack came came with two different types of cards. One type was the ones pictured above. Five cards (head, torso, hips, legs and feet) that assembled like a puzzle, and another card that closed like a little book and had slits so you could look at different outfit combinations. I have no idea what I did with those other cards so I can't show you, but it's the same prinsiple as those baby books where you have drawings of different animals and you can turn the pages to make a duck with bear feet or whatever. It was one of those little "books" and the 5 cards in each envelope if I remember correctly. And you could put all the little books toguether to make one big one.

 But why am I talking about the thing I can't show you when I can be showing you the other side of the cards?
Here it is.

And here are the rest of the cards I have (or that I found so far)

I'm not really if there was a game attached to this cards or what. Whoever designed it really went out of their way to make sure you knew which cards went toguether. I mean, in case you could'nt figure it out from the clothes, each one has a particular background, border AND symbol you can match. This always struck me as weird, since I always thought the point of something like this was to have fun mixing and matching. I guess it could just be a puzzle, but I think the age group that would need a puzzle this simple should probably have it made out of wood and not something edible like cardboard. Babies love to eat cardboard. I work at a store and I hate when customers with babies come to the register and hand me something to ring up and the tag is all wet and slimy because they let their baby chew on it while they were shopping. Ugh, and then some even get offended when you purell your hands. Let me tell you something people, baby slobber is only ok when it's your own baby! (or at least a baby you know)